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solve wooden floor damp mildew problem
05-06-2017, 05:35
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solve wooden floor damp mildew problem
Wooden floor is moistureproof prevent becoming warped is a big question really, many friend home floors have occurrence break and generation mildew place, have more very person still can the borer such as termite is eroded, advocate if be out of shape because of what be affected with damp be affected with damp of ground ridge in a field causes,change with mildew, affected the service life of wooden floor greatly thereby.Wooden floor maintains The expert reminds, one belt uses bamboo charcoal is in the majority moistureproofly, korea and Japan also are such, its effect really very pretty good.

Bamboo charcoal function reachs the reason with mildewy floor
1, can maintain a floor to be in good humidity environment. The suction because of bamboo charcoal tide and defend wet double action (two-way attune wet) , can make a floor won't weather-shack in the winter in long use, when the floor has humidity, mildew of too won't damp hair changes; is in plum rains is seasonal this effect is more distinct.
2, bamboo charcoal can be used restrain harmful the growth of bug of microbial, mould, mite, cockroach, termite, the floor after bamboo charcoal can avoid laid for a long time to be eroded at the borer such as termite.
3, can improve indoor overall environment, adjust indoor humidity, release negative oxygen ion.
4, the poisonous and leftover gas after OK and direct adsorptive floor is decorated.
Mould causes the floor becomes moldy, aggrandizement floor passed high temperature in producing a course (200 degrees or so) hot pressing, mould cannot live. Mould breed and grow the environment that needs moisture and appropriate temperature, namely mould, temperature and humidity, 3 person have nothing to do with floor quality. When use environment moisture, when temperature is more appropriate, mould will grow in great quantities and breed, the mildew that causes a floor board changes, the floor is carrier only, not be the reason of long mildew.
The method of laid bamboo charcoal reachs a note
Fall in the light of wall edge, windowsill, doorway place, floor and the position that floor tile border on manages need key laid, will operate according to standard dosage. Because of these place, some humidity big or it is humidity change is big, the use impact of the life of right ridge in a field, floor is very big. For instance windowsill, when raining, humidity is bigger, and arrived sunshine, become drier again hot; is like wall edge again, the lunt of the wall can be permeated outside come in, if floor is low,right ridge in a field causes bad influence; , the damp that considers the ground even also can pass cement ground to permeate come up. So these positions are the place that needs charcoal of key laid bamboo, need is spread according to the standard, to severe case, exceed a standard to measure laid to just can achieve ideal result.
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